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About Us: Team


Mike is a hospitality and marketing entrepreneur, who has entered into the real estate investment business. 

After graduating from The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Finance and Business Law, Mike had no shortage of job prospects, eventually taking a position at Merrill Lynch. On the side, he began marketing for nightclubs. This side job that was initially viewed at as a networking opportunity, morphed into a larger business of advertising for nightclubs and bars, as well as organizing events and concerts. As Mike’s skills grew and more connections were made, he realized the potential for the business and began devoting himself to it full time. Currently, Mike serves as a partner at a top hospitality group based in New York City, owning bars and nightclubs, as well as running and marketing for events throughout the United States. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the hospitality business was forced to take a government mandated pause. Mike decided to take his efforts and equity to pursue a real-estate investment career with his wife Amanda. They plan to use their hands on approach and personal touch to deliver a great living environment for their tenants. 

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